Friday, December 07, 2007

Planning ahead

One of the reasons people think I'm so efficient even with a packed schedule is because I'm a planner. I like to plan way in advance for everything: I finalize my summer vacation plans in February and by the end of September I'm done with Christmas shopping. In doing that I then have time to enjoy my holidays. 

This year I've made a sudden change that will definitely baffle my family members and will definitely excite my son. I decided that just this morning after waking up with the idea in my head and checking my bank account. A long weekend away from everything and everyone. A weekend surrounded by woods and nature, and good simple christian folk. I don't have any details or research all I have is a desire to unplug from this concrete steel hard city and plug into the warmth and hearth of spirit and love of nature and God.

See you all next year! Hope your Christmas is merry & bright. And please remember the reason for the season.  
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