Thursday, January 20, 2005

Scattered Thoughts

As I sit in my cozy warm livingroom watching the inauguration I'm glad that I decided to stAs I sit in my cozy warm living room watching the inauguration I'm glad that I decided to stay home. My old DC connections extended an invitation to all the day's events, but I'm really not a hang out in the cold type of person. That is, unless I'm hiking, skiing. skating or sledding.

I'm off of work for the 2 weeks, both to rest my hands and to get some important things done have lots of things planned and lots of things in the air. I hope all the things I want to accomplish get done.
Part of me wishes I could do more for the Tsunami victims, but my present lifestyle no longer permits me to take a short leave and go to work for the relief agencies I used to work for. My responsibilities as a single mom of an adorable and demanding 5 year old require me to remain home. One of the things that I'll be doing is running a workshop here for new relief workers that will be going overseas and helping them understand what to expect there both culturally and emotionally. Unfortunately, I am uniquely qualified to share on what it feels like to lose everyone you love in an instant and how Post Traumatic Stress disorder has manifested itself in my life these past 3 in a half years.
Life is easier now. My grief, like an old friend, remains close bye. It especially hangs close during special days when the absence of my friends is felt most. There's always a brief respite from January through April, and for that I'm grateful.
I'm finally back to writing in my journals, which has helped enormously to restore my inner peace over the past few months. Since, I've had to remain offline for awhile, writing in my journals helps release some of those thoughts that I would have posted on this blog.
So I've taken up photography again as another form of expression. My old 35 mm Nikon is a constant but heavy companion. An old familiar friend that’s been with me for over 15 years. I've parked my digital camera because it involves the PC and I promised my doctor that I would limit my use to once every 3 weeks. I love to take pictures in Central Park on snowy days. Part of me wishes I could post them online but I have to be good for now. Sigh!
I’ve been missing my online friends and family. Today I was able to visit everyone and say high to a few. It was nice to see that my blog dad is still up to his old antics. I smiled at the eye candy he linked to (thanks!). I’m still annoyed with Vigo since I saw him sporting his No Blood for Oil t-shirt over a year ago.
Well, I miss you all too! Thanks to all who have stopped by to wish me well. Your wishes and notes are greatly appreciated. Hope to read you all soon! 
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