Saturday, September 30, 2006


I awoke this morning to the wonderful scent of fall leaves. I left my bedroom window open overnight just enough to be awakend by the first rays of sunshine this morning and have my bedroom filled with the promise of a beautiful new day and the incredible scents of fall. My spirit has been heavy all week. It was a long, hard, intense work week where I visited 4 states in 3 days – leaving early each morning and returning home each night just in time to spend a bit of time with my son, reading him a bed time story and tucking him into bed.

At the same time, there was a major warfare going on inside my head between the demands of managing my role of advisor and conciliator and a past that's filled with violent painful memories that dogged my every quiet idle moment.

The internal warfare was so intense that yesterday morning while standing alone in a conference room preparing my presentation with my back to the door I hadn’t noticed that someone quietly entered the room. When they placed their hand near the back of my neck, slightly gripping my neck, I reacted swiftly, instinctually and not of the present moment. When I finally realized what had happened I had him in an arm lock with his face and chest pinned over the conference room table. It was not a pretty sight.

It seemed that in my reaction I had made enough noise to draw the attention of 2 secretaries and the security guard. I apologized to everyone explaining that I had been attacked at a work site before and since there was no one around when he put his hand on my neck I thought he was an intruder. They remained silent and kept an eye on me as they helped me pick up papers and chairs and straighten out the room. One thing’s for sure, that guy will never ever touch a woman he barely knows in such a familiar way again. At least he’ll never put his hands on me again. Apparently, I hurt his knee in the process because when the meeting was over I saw him limping out of the conference room. This situation also reminded me never to sit or stand with my back to a door, especially in the headspace I’m in.

The only thing that helps when I’m in this head space is being around nature. So I’ll be leaving shortly with my son to go 90 miles north, to a headless horseman’s house, where the leaves on the trees are beginning to change their colors. Maybe if we’re lucky we can find some crisp delicious apples to make a fresh baked apple pie tonight. Just that thought makes feel a bit human again.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

To blog or not to blog

To [blog] or not to [blog]: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing, end them?
~ based on Shakespeare's Hamlet: Act 3:Scene 1

That's what's been on my mind. Whether or not to succumb to the forces that successfully silenced my blogging temporarily through a very skillfull cyber attack that brought down my entire network (& fried 2 of my pc's), OR to take up cyber arms against these cowardly bastards in a never ending cycle of technical one upmanship.

So as I contemplate my cyberfate, I lie here in my bed exhausted from the efforts of unsuccessfully countering the attack, fighting a flu-like cold and recovering from a chemo treatment that has kicked my a$$ this week. At the core of the matter is: can I live without blogging? Can I just walk away from it all and hang up my keyboard without looking back for the sake of my well being. Or can I simply exist in the gag zone of cyberspace without expressing factual yet consevative views & stirring up controversy. I wonder how Matt of Black5 & others deal with this crap.. The threats I ignore cause I've gone to great lengths to protect my anonymity, but cyber attacks are something else. This is my 2nd since I started blogging almost 3yrs ago. This is the first time that my pc's have been fried. Then there was the munu outage this weekend and I wonder if that was also a threat fulfilled.

So I ask myself, do I go ahead and get my pc's replaced & comeback to do battle against the slinging arrows, and by doing so, simultaneously bring down the wrath of moonbats & islamo-fascists on all of us?

Truthfully, most of me is willing to do battle, but not at the expense of others and my health.

One thing's for sure, with everything that's going on in my life I can't continue to replace hard drives & motherboards & expend the time & energy necessary to rebuild these pc's. Questions that keep returning are: Will my giving up embolden these bastards & have them move on to yet another woman? Will my defeat & subsequent retreat help or hurt me spiritually and emotionally in the long run? Or should I just do nothing, letting everything go to & move on, focusing all on my life istead?

Right now I've got lots of questions & no real answers because I'm still trying hard to curb my anger & frustration. Aside from my anger towards these bastards there's anger towards me for trying to engage in factual discussions at websites where fanatics troll & take aim w/vengeance if you're able to deconstruct their stupid arguments. There's also self-directed anger for leaving my computer on while I napped giving my son access & launching the assault.

There's more but I'm tired & in need of sleep. Suffice to say that I need to think about it over the next few days while I figure out what to do.

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1 Let me tell you first off, the reason Munu was down was because the server "Yuri" began acting up... or rather shutting down. It wasn't an attack, just an old server with problems. Pixy can take care of both attacks and servers... but right now doesn't have time to move all the blogs to the new servers awaiting us. Hopefully he'll be able to do that soon. May I suggest that you post a request for help on munuvianna - see if Paul (Light and Dark), or even Pixy if he has the time, can email you and give you some info on how to stop these people from getting to your system. I'm not able to figure out how exactly they got to you from your post or I might be able to give you an idea or two. Anyhow, Paul and Pixy are very used to dealing with cyber attacks and they will very likely be of more help than I am. I, for one, would be very sorry to see you stop blogging or to stop being yourself on your blog. I don't really get it - you haven't said anything remotely offensive as far as I can see - so I don't know why they'd be attacking you so viciously.
Posted by: Teresa at September 17, 2006 09:56 PM (o4pJS)

2 I would like you to continue blogging when you feel better. I enjoy reading your words - I see pictures when I read them.
Posted by: _Jon at September 17, 2006 10:16 PM (uCdAQ)

3 I abandoned blogging over a year ago when a crazy irate troller showed up at my home & hadbto be taken away by police.
Posted by: Lisa at September 17, 2006 10:21 PM (+N33S)

4 .. if there is anything we can do to help, please let us know...
Posted by: Eric at September 18, 2006 08:17 AM (r5XsL)

5 To answer Teresa's question at 2 European websites I essentially called islamofacists hypocrites & whining babies then proceeded to quote the head religious leaders (which are official gov't posts) for Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia & Algeria in their own hateful, anti-christian relgious speeches and juxtaposed them with verses in the Koran. The discussion degraded from there. A conservative Italian newspaper got into the act quoting my comments & well all hell broke loose after that. Since the jerks couldn't counter the facts they resorted to name calling & threats & when that didn't work (because I ingnored non-intellectual discussions) they sent lots of emails with nasty viruses & worms. Ironically, I also got a couple from munuvians as well, which I forwarded to Pixy. Nice, huh? These people can only relate to despotism, so I'm done talking/blogging there. I truly don't know how Eric of No Pasaran (see blog roll) deals with them.
Posted by: Michele from NYC at September 18, 2006 10:10 AM (0cwiO)

6 There are people I just won't argue with as it's a total waste of time - like those morons you're talking about. *sigh* When people are that whacked - it takes a lot more patience than I possess to even read what they have to say, much less argue. Eric (No Pasaran) is one of those incredible people who seem to have endless stamina to go after the world's morons and not let it get to him. I haven't had a chance to get over there lately (where does all the time go?) but I've always enjoyed reading him - he gives me faith that there are actually logical people over in Europe... we just don't see them too much.
Posted by: Teresa at September 18, 2006 11:30 AM (o4pJS)

7 I guess you didn't get to read the passage below over an LW: John Ringo also brought up a concept that deserves mention, because it is an area in which rational discourse/persuasibility has no bearing. This is the concept of a “religious” belief, i.e. one that is held on a matter of faith such that no amount of evidence, data, or other will change it.
Posted by: Heidi at September 18, 2006 12:22 PM (y9UuV)

8 Read your comment. You did not post this quote from the prophet's emmisaries and the "religion of peace": The Mujahedeen Shura Council issued a warning to Pope Benedict XVI, “You and the west are doomed as you can see from the defeat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and elsewhere... We shall break the cross and spill the wine...God will help Muslims to conquer Rome... God will enable us to slit your throats, and make your money and descendants the bounty of the mujahideen.”
Posted by: Mario at September 18, 2006 01:04 PM (cV7Xy)

9 Keep blogging. Your voice should not be silenced. Others, perhaps, we could do without, but not yours. Rest up and come back stronger.
Posted by: rp at September 18, 2006 01:31 PM (LlPKh)

10 I won't tell you to quit or stay. But I will offer this - like those above, I come here to read what you write. You shouldn't be silenced.
Posted by: oddybobo at September 19, 2006 01:55 PM (mZfwW)

11 What oddybobo said. Don't blog if it affects your health, but I enjoy coming here to be challenged, humored and just plain good reading. Do what is best for you, not for the those driving you nuts. ;-)
Posted by: vw bug at September 19, 2006 08:52 PM (HVeEK)

12 Another voice of agreement: if it's affecting your physical health, take a break. You could even step back, take a break, and just comment in other places and not maintain this place for a short time. But as you can see, you would be missed.
Posted by: Ogre at September 20, 2006 07:17 AM (oifEm)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dear Sgt. Killroy:

We'’ve become so familiar with our regular exchange of letters that I’ll dispense with some basic courtesies in order to make an overpowering confession. There are times when I read your letters that a strong envy begins to rise from within and takes hold of me for hours. When it finally does subside, it leaves a strong dissatisfied taste with my life that lingers on for days.

In reading your exploits I'’ve often thought you lead the life I wish I had. It's a familiar feeling and one I've not had for a very long time. When I was young I often got in trouble for my dangerous exploits and tomboy ways. In truth, I was craving the enormous freedom and swaggering independence of all the boys I knew. This past week my envy surfaced intensely. It left me searching for an explanation as to why, of all my correspondents, I have such a reaction to you. What makes matters worse is that in spite of my reaction I'm very drawn to your letters. I return time and again to re-live those moments which may be insignificant to you, but bring me so much closer to where I wish I could be. In doing so I feel the little green monster grow within me without warning.

After much reflection, I've realized tonight that its not so much your life that I envy, but rather you. In other words, I wish more that I were a man like you living your life, than a woman like me living mine. As a woman's life goes I really do enjoy mine, but when comparing mine to yours, my life pales in comparison. When it began happening I asked myself if it might be a matter of “your grass being greener”.

Simply put, my life would be radically different if I were you, than most of the men I know. For one thing, I believe I wouldn'’t be enduring as much emotional pain as I have these past few days. My blog brother Eric, spoke of the feeling of helplessness one of my posts conveyed last week. In reading that I realized he put his finger on my wound… and it was a deep one, based on the level of pain I felt. I've been wanting to do something to strike back at those that harmed my loved ones in 2001 and caused fear to enter the hearts of my co-workers in 1993.

One thing’s for sure, if I were a man I definitely would’ve had the opportunity of making different choices. I definitely would have taken more risks and liberties than would be considered (by my standards) good for a woman. I'd probably be more like your brothers in arms stationed at the front and exacting justice for what was done to my beloved friends and city. There are times I so desperately want to be there.

But the truth is painfully obvious, I can never be there, I will never be you. So instead, I live vicariously through you... through your stories, your shared anecdotes, and your unexpressed heartfelt thoughts that linger silently between the lines and which often leap silently and eloquently off your page.

I wish I could go on those hikes with you and your men. I wish I could be a man like you, who rights the wrongs with much conviction and without hesitation. But I’m not. I am a woman. A woman constrained by the expectations and mores of society, who's restrained by height and muscle mass and trapped by my gender.

So instead of being there with you and your men, I will be here, waiting. Waiting and enduring nasty emails from women too weak of character to write openly and from men using their manhood to intimidate covertly. And while I wait, I’ll continue to wish and hope. Hope that through your strength and courage I'’ll somehow regain my own strength that was lost with the death of the incredible men in my life.

I'll simply wait... it's something that as a woman I am trained to do well. Being disempowered for now all I can do is wait. So I wait, for jealousy to rise once again, and with that I take a step toward a deeper and braver existence.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me and in so doing taking me on such wonderful adventures.
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